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  • Mining industry

    Mining industry

    The steel industry has changed radically, and its future promises to be even more dynamic. In order to successfully compete in the world market and keep pace with changing technologies, it is necessary to increase efficiency. Our special industry department has the necessary experience in this area to offer you appropriate management solutions. With their help you will be able to manage in real time and maintain the basic parameters of processes at the required level in accordance with different requirements of customers. These solutions help to produce high-quality products with homogeneous metallurgical properties. With their help, you can increase the output of finished products and reduce the cost of energy, thereby reducing the cost per ton of production.
  • The decision to automate the operation of the power plant

    The decision to automate the operation of the power plant

    Your goal, as an electricity supplier, lies in the reliable and economical production of electricity. You need to increase the efficiency of work, despite the aging of assets. You have to meet stringent environmental standards. In addition, you must meet these requirements in terms of reducing the amount of funding and the number of experienced workers. We have the technology and solutions to reduce the negative impact of these problems. We can help you adapt to the changing situation in the industry by offering a wide range of solutions.
  • Oil and gas industry

    Oil and gas industry

    In such a dynamic industry, as the oil and gas industry, it is necessary to manage costs, to maximize the benefits of existing assets and to reduce the downtime. Modern technologies allow the development of a truly Unified Enterprise and seek to maximize its efficiency. Cloud and mobile technologies and analytics allow you to track production data in real-time and react to problems as they emerge from anywhere in the world.
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  • Improved system of resource allocation by technical processes

    Improved system of resource allocation by technical processes

    Production and assembly equipment is used for a wide range of tasks. Machines for forming, punching and vulcanization will turn the materials into finished products. The assembly equipment is intended for assembly of parts in finished products or components. Flexibility and speed are required for all types of such machines. At the same time customers are also important for the repetition of processes and minimization of waste. We are faced with the task of achieving the optimal ratio of productivity, safety and cost of machines. We offer automation systems for production and assembly equipment and management, which will provide flexibility in design for the rapid change in the functionality of machines. With their help you can quickly respond to changing customer requirements and market conditions.
  • Different directions of automation

    Different directions of automation

    Replace the many disparate management systems of a single infrastructure. Our range includes solutions for managing, visualizing, managing traffic and creating networks. They allow you to collect better quality cars at a lower cost and help customers get more profit. Organization of the work process becomes easier and more convenient. Get better equipment to quickly respond to changes in market needs and business needs.
  • Safety and performance

    Safety and performance

    The protection of personnel, processes and the environment remains a significant part of any automation strategy. We offer a range of products that are able to meet your technological requirements. We also offer specialized capabilities to support the design, implementation, and deployment of integrated technology security solutions with the involvement of certified safety functional engineers.
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